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We would like to introduce you to some of our extraordinary customers, Cambridge Distributors and Cambridge Members. They are the reason we are in the health and diet industry. They are people just like you, searching for an answer to help them achieve their nutrition and weight- loss goals.

Our part was simple. We provided the products and the program, but the real credit goes to them. They had enough courage to want to change the way they look and they way they feel about themselves.

Their personal testimonies are incredible, and some may touch your heart and just perhaps propel you to know you are not alone in your journey. They cared enough to share their success with others, so others could know there is an answer and that it can be done.

The result…A healthier, trimmer, & looking simply fabulous new you!

 Success Stories

Lost 1-49 lbs. 
Diane Peachy of San Diego, CA
Before: 178 lbs., with her 59th birthday and a wedding to fear.
After: Lost 42 lbs., full of energy and needless to say the wedding was a gratifying occasion.

Ralph Schulz of Burlingame, CA
Before: Trouble buttoning his size 44" pants, blood pressure 190/190. 215 pounds.
After: Lost 35 pounds, down to 180 lbs., blood pressure 175/145. His pants needed to be altered by 6 inches; waist down to 38". Wow! 

Leslie Kimmel of New York, NY
Before: Size 16, junk food junkie. Fast food was a way of life, and was taking a toll on her health. 
After: 1/5 of original size, wears size 8, lost 36 lbs. in only 6 1/2 weeks!

Lost 50-99 lbs.
Melannee Garrison of Monticello, IN
Before: 197 lbs., Wearing sizes 16-18, was using the “Y2K World Wide famine”, as an excuse for being overweight
After: Lost 59 lbs., down to size 6-8, full of energy and loves the way she looks and feels. 

Kim Cavana of Hawthorne, NJ 
Before: After the birth of second child gained weight & felt miserable. 
After: Lost 60 lbs., down to size 4, looking good, feeling great!

Ron Klimecki of Longmont, CO
Before: Four years ago got married and started packing on the pounds. Weighed in at 225 lbs. would continue to pile on the pounds unless a lifestyle change was made!
After: Lost 60 lbs. Down to 165 pounds. Thrilled!

Haven C. Krueger, M. D. of Great Bend, Kansas
Before: Before 238 lbs., Having tried everything, his wife suggested trying the Cambridge Diet again, and it worked.
After: Lost 66 lbs. Down to 173 pounds. At 70!

Marie Duhon of Carson, CA 
Before: Didn't realize how big she was until she went to the beach & noticed her tan stopped halfway up her thighs; her stomach was keeping upper thighs in the shade! 
After: Lost 70 pounds. Stored summer clothes finally fit she smiled so much her face hurt!

David Albright of Greensboro, NC
Before: 5'9" & in five years, had ballooned up to 2561bs. Felt terrible and looked like he felt.
After: Lost 85 lbs. Down to 171 1bs. & Loving it!

Darlene King of Kannapolis, NC
Before: Pushing the scales at 209 lbs. Depression due to weight wearing sizes 18-20.
After: Lost 86 lbs. down to size 4 & 5's, feeling fantastic at 123 lbs.!

Glenda Kay Henneboehle of Imperial, MO
Before: 257 lbs., has struggled with her weight since about the 5th grade.
After: Lost 82 lbs., no longer feels as though she is going to die from heart failure at the age of 30!

Lost 100+ lbs. 
Bessie Coppedge of O'Fallon, IL
Before: 303 lbs. Hospital visits 4-5 times weekly for multiple health problems; diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, asthma. All weight related!
After: Lost 175 lbs. standing tall at a slim, happy, & healthy 125 pounds!

Atle Nygaard of Oslo, Norway
Before: 546 lbs. 6 ft. 6" never dated due to his size and weight.
After: Lost 308 lbs. down to 2381bs. Won the girl of his dreams and is now happily married!

Bob Hefflin of Yamhill, OR
Before: A whopping 525 pounds at 6'8, 72" waist 34" thigh & a 22" neck.
After: Lost 321 lbs., more than half of what he used to weigh. 225 pounds, 40" waist 23" thigh and 16" neck. Simply amazing!

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